Показательные выступление команды каратэ сётокан на Фестивале боевых искусств "Кубок Балтийского моря", 2015 год

In The Martial Arts Festival «Baltic Sea Cup», you can see demonstrations of teams representing different kinds of karate, cultivated in our country today. Karate role in the development of martial arts in the USSR and Russia is huge. Karate was the first martial art, which broke the iron curtain; the majority of martial arts developed in Russia come from the first wave of Soviet karate. Philosophy, technical arsenal, karate principles of martial arts schools formed the basis of such species of martial arts like aikido, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu and many others. In these types of martial arts left, many instructors involved after the ban of karate, and so there continued the study of Eastern philosophies and martial practices.