Показательные выступления по джиу-джитсу на Фестивале боевых искусств "Кубок Балтийского моря", 2011 год

Demonstrations of masters of jiu-jitsu in the Martial Arts Festival «Baltic Sea Cup» enjoyed a well-deserved love of the audience. Dynamic, high-speed «Ducato» – demonstration of techniques in pairs, gives a very vivid impression. At the time, instructors of Judo Integrated High School sports skills Vasily Shestakov and George Kukoverov began to develop and popularize jiu-jitsu in Russia. First, they are interested in the original form of the base technology grandparent as well it familiar judo. Indeed, jiu-jitsu as the martial art produces a more holistic impression than Judo – throwing technique is ideally complemented by the impact technique, the deal with a weapon and against it, and the arsenal of hacks less restricted by the rules compared with the Olympic judo.