The organizers of the Martial Arts Festival would like to thank their partners — NGOs, government and commercial organizations, without the help of which the holding of the Festival would not be possible.

Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg

The organizers express their special appreciation to the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the Government of St.Petersburg and personally to the led the Committee — Yuri Vasilievich Avdeev, for long-term support of the Martial Arts Festival «Baltic Sea Cup». Due to organizational and financial support of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports the Festival runs at the best sports sites of St. Petersburg and year by year demonstrates the highest level of competition.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region

The Festival Organizer — Martial arts school of Demid Momot and Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region have been successfully cooperating in the field of popularization of martial arts, youth education and development of youth sports in our city. The cooperation was initiated in the mid 90s. Accumulated Demid Momots Martial arts school experience in the study of martial arts, an effective technical arsenal and unique methods of teaching have received well-deserved recognition in law enforcement. Over the years, the School instructors have been working on the preparation of fighters for special divisions of Federal Security Agency, private security service, tax police, drug control police department and police and security services of other power structures.

Since 2005, the International Martial Arts Festival «Baltic Sea Cup» being held for prizes of Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Since 2009, the Ministry of Internal Affairs took over the patronage of the St. Petersburg taekwondo sports federation and the competitions in this kind of martial arts have become a major festival event, around which is running the whole plan of action of this major sporting event.

Title partner of the Festival
Web site:

Martial Arts School of Demid Momot

The history of the festival is inextricably linked with the history of the School of Martial Arts of Demid Momot. By the mid 90s in the school has accumulated a unique experience of learning, teaching and improving the techniques of martial arts. Collaboration with different power structures, preparation of fighters for special forces units, began the next developing stage of the Demid Momots School of Martial Arts. Continuous improvement of methods of preparation, required the presence of the site where you can compare the different styles of martial arts, to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each style, acquire competitive experience and test in practice the theoretical development of the school of martial arts. So in the 1997 Martial Arts Festival «Baltic Sea Cup» became this kind of site.

St. Petersburg branch of the party «UNITED RUSSIA»

The cooperation with St. Petersburgs branch of the party «UNITED RUSSIA» goes far beyond a single annual event. During the year, the athletes of the Sports Club «Petrogradets» and martial arts school of Demid Momot take part in different public events organized with the support of the party. At the same time The UNITED RUSSIA provides support for youth competitions, in the implementation of the development of children’s sports programs.

St. Petersburg taekwondo Sports Federation

St. Petersburg taekwondo Sports Federation is one of the main organizers of the Martial Arts Festival «Baltic Sea Cup.» In 2009 taekwondo occupied the central place in the competition program of the Festival. Adult athletes are involved in team tournament in Taekwondo WTF, and so there are match meetings of the best international teams. Young sportsmen are involved in junior tournaments in Taekwondo WTF, so they are given the entire second day of the Martial Arts Festival.

Russian Association of Sports Facilities

All-Russian sports and sports public organization «Russian Association of Sports Facilities» (RASS) has long and successful cooperation with the Festival organizers. Over the years, the Martial Arts Festival «Baltic Sea Cup» martial took place in Sport Club «Petrogradets», Mikhailovsky Manege (Winter Stadium), Sports Hall «Jubileyniy», Consert and Sports Hall «Sibur-Arena». Carrying out a major international sporting event on various sports fields would be impossible without the methodical, informational, scientific and legal support of RASS and its President — Vasily Borisovich Shestakov.

Travel agency «Tourism Board»

Tour Operator «Tourism Board» is the diversified travel company operating in the travel market for more than 60 years. The company successfully solves all the issues in support of the participants and guests of the Martial Arts Festival «Baltic Sea Cup» in terms of tourism — visa, transfers, hotel reservations, excursion programs.

Private security company «S-vita»

The stuff of the agency «S-vita» for many years provides the security during the Festival of Martial Arts «Baltic Sea Cup» and performs well coordinated flow of visitors during the event, patrols the sporting event area, gives the complex of measures on prevention of illegal actions on the part of exhibitors and visitors .

LLC «Electronic Projects Workshop»

«Electronic Projects Workshop» company provides the colorful opening ceremony of the Festival of Martial Arts «Baltic Sea Cup.» Scenario, ceremony plan, directing, lighting and sound — all these show elements of the sports festival prepares the creative team of The Workshop.

TV Channel «The Fighter»

The TV channel «Fighter» specialized in the promotion of martial arts since 2006. channel technical specialists are shooting the competitive part of the event. On the basis of these materials were produced several movies about the festival of martial arts.

Sports club «Petrogradets»

Sports club «Petrogradets» is one of the main partners of the Festival of Martial Arts «Baltic Sea Cup». Through many years of cooperation «Petrogradets» becomes the competitive, training and educational platform for the Festival events. Athletic Club has always provided assistance to the organizers of the Festival in the part of sports equipment, personnel and transport.

The General Consulate of the Republic of Korea in St. Petersburg

Since 2019, the General Consulate of the Republic of Korea in St. Petersburg is one of the organizers of the Baltic Sea Cup Martial Arts International Festival. The winners of the team sparring taekwondo WT tournament will be awarded with the prizes of the Consul General. The finals of this most dynamic and spectacular competition will traditionally be the gem of the opening ceremony of the Martial Arts Festival.

Leader Consult Personnel

“Leader Consult Personnel” provides a set of solutions in order to legalize the foreign man power, which has a working practice in the territory of the Russian Federation.

We are engaged in personnel outsourcing, accounting and legal support to business.

Leader Consult Personnel” is a private employment agency accredited in the register of the Federal Labor and Employment Service. The agency provides services of employment man power (personnel).

“MedProf” medical centers

“MedProf” medical centers is a network of multi-field medical clinics specialized in taking periodic health examinations of the working population in compliance with the Executive Order № 302n of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation dated April 12, 2011, as well as issuing personal medical records.

«Honor and Law» law office

«Honor and Law» law office is an upswing legal company founded in 2011 in St. Petersburg.

Presently, the «Honor and Law» law office comprises of the following companies:

  • Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights
  • The First Law Post

SONSUDO Equipment Center

SONSUDO Equipment Center is an exclusive distributor of the Daedo output in the CIS countries.

The SONSUDO Equipment Center chain is a partner of:

  1. The All-Russian Sambo Federation
  2. The Russian Student Taekwondo Union
  3. “The Russian Deaflympics Committee”  Deaflympics Taekwondo Federation
  4. The Russian Karate Federation
  5. The Russian Karatenomichi Federation
  6. The Moscow Taekwondo Federation
  7. The ITF Taekwon-Do Federation, Moscow
  8. The St. Petersburg TAEKWONDO Sport Federation
Festival partner

SEVERNY PUT’ Construction Company

Severny Put’ construction company provides a complex turnkey construction of the railway, from the projecting to the opening of the traffic. The company is a team of versatile specialists, each of which has invaluable experience accumulated over many years in construction and railway business.

Severny Put’ construction company completes the full range of necessary tasks at any stage of construction and design:

  • Collection of initial data and technical conditions (tasks);
  • Surveying;
  • Development of design and specification documents;
  • Expert’s assessment of design documentation;
  • Obtaining a building permit;
  • Construction and installation works;
  • Commissioning of the facility.
Festival partner

“Tretiy park” public company

The “Tretiy park” public company was founded in 1960. By the early 21st century, the company has become the largest non-governmental transport operator in St. Petersburg. “Tretiy park” includes a parent enterprise, four major divisions in different parts of the city, its own diagnostic station to control the transport condition with 2 German MAHA lines, which maintain all the categories of vehicles. It also provides 5 000 positions of employment. The company takes an active part in charity work providing transport without charge to non-commercial organizations as well as for social events.

Complex Security Agency

“Complex Security Agency” provides security to legal bodies and private persons. Complex approach, modern technologies and high quality management provide for the efficient protection of an enterprise safeguarding it from force majeur circumstances.

Vozrozhdeniye Foundation

In 2016, the festival program will first include the exhibition performance of the team of the ‘Vozrozhdenie’ (Renaissance) Foundation for Assistance to Sports and Security Agencies Veterans and members of their families. The Foundation is taking actions to revive and develop military, sport, cultural and spiritual traditions, and to enhance the prestige of military service in Russia. Under the auspices of the Foundation there are held regional and all-Russian competitions in sambo, free-style wrestling, boxing, hand-to-hand fighting, combat sambo. Within the framework of the martial arts festival, the team of the «Vozrozhdenie» Foundation will present a military-applied show with the participation of Marines, Airborne Forces and special forces.

Festival Organizer


The company «ROSSA RAKENNE SPB» is the exclusive representative of the company Honka in Russia for 17 years and supports Martial Arts Festival «Baltic Sea Cup» almost for the whole its history. The organizers express their deep gratitude to the leadership of the company and personally to the Chairman of the Board of «ROSSA RAKENNE SPB» Alexander Tsarev for long-term assistance in organizing and conducting the Festival.

JSC «First Furniture Factory»

The first furniture factory provides targeted assistance in carrying out certain activities of Martial Arts Festival «Baltic Sea Cup.» Thanks to this help Festival organizers have the opportunity to be invite for participation in the competition foreign teams and give to the delegations the highest service and accommodation level.

Hotel Park Krestovskiy

The Hotel Park Krestovskiy is a five-storey hotel comprising 194 rooms of various categories, conference halls, restaurants and cafes. The hotel is situated 500 metres (7 minutes’ walk) from the SIBUR ARENA sport and concert complex, which is the venue of the Baltic Sea Cup Festival of Martial Arts. The unique location of the hotel, a parc with most beautiful ponds, 20 minutes from the historic city center, all of it makes the Hotel Park Krestovskiy an ideal place to accomodate the contestants and guests of the competition.

Dear friends!

On the threshold of the International Martial Arts Festival Baltic Sea Cup we are pleased to make you a special offer on behalf of our partner Hotel Park Krestovskiy.

Information on accommodation:

Promo code for the Baltic Sea Cup is Russia-Open

October 14-16 accommodation rate

(breakfast not included)
category 1 (comfort)
single room — 3150 rub/per night
double room — 3550 rub/per night

(breakfast not included)
family room in the attic — 6 000 rub/per night

breakfast — 500 rub/per person
registration fee — 200 rub/per person


KINGWINCH WAKE PARK represents a network of parks equipped for wakeboard and kiteboard fans. Currently, three parks are open: the main one in the Konstantin Fort, a winter Kingwinch project in the Interacademic Student Quarter and Kingwinch Otradnoye at Petrushinsky Khutor.

«Kingwinch» team is a community organized on the basis of members as well as Rainbow-park (snowboard) group, sportsmen and wakeboard enthusiasts.  Many of them are engineers by occupation so they have applied their knowledge to create and maintain the parks. That is why there are many kiters in «Kingwinch», who are interested mainly in practicing high jumps in flat water. In the park, there are two reverse tracks in the open water 150 meters long with support stands 10 meters high. The tension of the winch cable enables to practice without risk the most difficult freestyle elements with high amplitude.

The General City Newspaper «St. Petersburgs Vedomosti»

Home City Newspaper of St. Petersburg for the last years provides the information support to the Martial Arts Festival «Baltic Sea Cup.» In 2014, the leadership of the newspaper «St. Petersburgs Vedomosti» has decided to expand its cooperation with the Festival and established a special prize «For the will to win», which is awarded to the most distinguished participants of the festival — the athlete or the team.

The newspaper «Sports day by day»

Publishing House «Sports day by day» provides the informational support to Martial Arts Festival «Baltic Sea Cup» for last years. Festival news and pictures are posted on the website of the publishing house and goes to the printed edition — a daily newspaper «Sport day by day».