Roe Jai Myung Master, director of World Hapkido Federation

Master Roe Jai Myung is the son of Grandmaster Myung Kwang-Sik. From an early age he was greatly influenced by his father, who he has come to know as both father and Grandmaster. Martial arts has always been a source of enjoyment and fascination with master Myung. He began his training at the age of 7 with the father. Roe Jai Myung is currently the acting director of the World Hapkido Federation and Korea Yonmookwan Taekwondo Association.
• 7º Blackbelt, Hapkido
• 4º Blackbelt, Taekwondo
• Director, World Hapkido Federation
• Director, Korea Yonmookwan Taekwondo Association
In 2012 and 2014 Master Roe Jai Myung visited in St. Petersburg. Under his leadership, while the Festival of Martial Arts «Baltic Sea Cup» went seminars in Hapkido and certification for a black belt ranks in Hapkido.