Gerhard Agrinz Grand Master, IX dan, International Hap-Ki-Do Dan-Federation

Grand Master Gerhard Agrinz started practicing Hap-Ki-Do in Austria in 1971. He was the personal master student until Grand Master Kim Sou Bong died on 04.08.2011.

Grand Master Gerhard Agrinz was announced the official successor of the Korean Grand Master Kim Sou Bong for the Hap-Ki-Do System Kim Sou Bong.

In this context, Grand Master Gerhard Agrinz also assumed the responsibility for the European Hap-Ki-Do training center for continuation. This center is the central training center for Hap-Ki-Do teachers, instructors and master instructors.

Within more than four decades of Hap-Ki-Do activity, Grand Master Gerhard Agrinz has made significant and trend-setting contributions to the Hap-Ki-Do system Kim Sou Bong.